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2014 Horoscopes
2014 is Year of the Green Wooden Horse, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Beneath the psychic leadership of this potent and energetic ruler, this year promises to be intense on many fronts and most signs will see interesting developments in both their personal and work lives. The Green Wooden Horse - a mythical creature that manifests itself exclusively at carnival processions and parades-promises a period marked by incredible surprises, festive processions, majestic triumphs and equally majestic failures. In short, the Green Wooden Horse ushers in a 2014 year in which nothing will happen in a small way. This is a banner year, one in which historic events may well occur on a more or less regular schedule.

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Happy Mariage What's Wrong with Marrying for Love? Falling in love is the expected and proper prelude to marriage. As presently interpreted, this means that you marry for love and that you work at it after marriage. A successful marriage is the final realization of a romantic attraction. A good marriage is one that contributes freely and fully to personality development; a poor marriage is one that hinders it. Getting married is primarily a romantic adventure with an emphasis upon individual rights and freedom from parental control, rather than a carefully reasoned choice involving a prudent weighing of other factors important for a lifelong union. Passionate attachment and anticipated happiness outweigh such considerations as companionship, cultural similarities and common social experience. We proudly announce that we no longer marry for convenience, to promote a career or to please our families but to establish a personally desirable relationship that is voluntary, rests on personal choice, and aims at individual happiness and personality development. more

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People gather bundles of sticks to build bridges they never cross.

Happy Mariage Romantic Dinner
You can make a classic first date. You will have to spend some money for this date but it can help you to make for a romantic evening. If you want to get to know someone more intimately then this is the best way to do it. The main problem is that you will have to make up some topics to talk about for an extended period of time beforehand. If this is a problem for you then I suggest you ask your friends to help you. You could ask friends of opposite sex for a piece of advice about what to say, how to behave etc.

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Love Talk Message Board The Love Talk Has anyone gone thru the similar situations? Anonymous - 12/02, 01:57 am - Hi evryone!!!!! I met a g Alexa - 12/03, 11:02 pm - Well, i think u can alway Problem page Im 22 and the gay im dating is 28 joanne - 12/04, 12:56 am - Hello everyone! A have Real Stories No secrets and no time



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